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quixotic & grimly whimsical

This is your ONE WEEK to Origins post

Right about now next week (which is a weird sentence) The Guru and I (YFNPN) should be checking in to our hotel in scenic downtown Columbus. Officially, I think, Origins will have already started (a temporally odd sentence) since they now schedule events on Wednesdays but we're still old school and haven't yet gotten with the times. Thus, we arrive (hopefully) one week from now.

Being old school, we've got nothing for you the first day of the convention but stick around (which I'm assuming most people with full passes to Origins will be doing) and we'll crack out the Buttons in the Breezeway on Thursday (1-4:45 in the Breezeway). Then it's off to the Crowne Plaza bar for Smithee Nite Out: Columbus (9pm onward Thursday). Finally, we end the Smithee 19 year with the show on Friday evening (just in case you happen to have won all the Buttonmen challenges against me and are in a bit of a...delicate form in the morning hours). 7pm to midnightish at the Terrace Ballroom. Hope to see the most of you there!