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New Trash Can logo

OK, so ... here are some of the photos from the Ann Arbor Mega-Metas!

Assuming I can pull this trick off twice in one day, they will be under this cut rot cheer

The Smithee audience, as usual, was in a state of high dudgeon, a state of anticipation, a state of torpor, and a state of sugar shock ... all at once. Kind of the "4 Corners Region" of Smitheedom.

The rest of these pictures are of the lovely giveaways, and the lovely giveaway winners. And in some cases, the lovely lunargeography as well.

This confused-looking fellow has just won himself a copy of Kung Fu Zombie, and is positively basking in the light of envy from his fellow audience members, the poor thing. He was slain for the movie not long after.

Here is the aforementioned lunargeography giving away a custom-handcrafted one-of-a-handkind Herschell (the SLM from Blood Freak) to an audience member, whose throat was then slit as his blood was drank (er ... by Herschell, not us -- so far as anyone can prove). Never trust a turkey-monster.

This little fella is a bat creature from Horror of the Blood Monsters. His owner escaped relatively unscathed, due to the presence of the stick-like leash, from which our little bat boy is taking a bit of a siesta.

Again, lunargeography brings out the most dangerous of critters -- in this case, the dreaded Muppet Spider from World Without End. The audience member got away ... this time.

The fiendish bat rat spider crab from The Angry Red Planet. The Willing Victim Whose Name Was Drawn By Lot managed a modicum of control over the monster, as it was a marionette. But then he was run down by a car, set on fire, blown up, shot twice, and dropped down an elevator shaft, followed by three hand grenades. Tragic, really. Who could have predicted it?

The Godzilla puppet. We should have made the winner replicate the touchdown dance from Godzilla vs Monster Zero which enabled Godzilla to eke out the victory in Columbus. But ... didn't think of it. I'm sure it will be perfect for Origins, though!

And there you have it. Them. They. The pictures. There are more of them somewhere, dotquirk lovingly showing off the monsters so you can see 'em better. Somewhere. As in, not here. Not right now. Maybe next week. Now go on -- don't you have something to do? Isn't that your dog I hear, begging for her supper? Or the cat knocking stuff off that high shelf of knick-knacks? Or Reptilicus, howling with fury at not being stupid-looking enough to beat out Herschell back in Year 11?

And so, they all lived happily ever after. Especially the monster in the pit.


So THAT'S what you look like, Lunargeography :) I love putting LJ names to faces :)

Patti (and before anyone smarts off...that is obviously not me in the little tag picture...it's my beloved Jack Russell/Beagle mix, Buddy. Much cuter than me :))
Much cuter than me, too! 8^)
I stuffed a bunch of pics of dotquirk and the monsters (in which you can almost actually see the monsters in their before attack state. Dort is a champion monster wrangler) over at the booniverse.

Errrr...the other booniverse.

Here (here, here here! Ah-hahahaha!) to be more prescise.
Must remember to swipe soul-stealing and plate-o'-food pics. For future LJ userpics. Also I could grab the blurry bits of me from the various pictures and combine them into one big blurry pic. But I probably won't.