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beware of that fucker!

Days Left Until Showtime (plus two)

Monday's child is behind on packing,
Tuesday's child is buying snacking,
Wednesday's child moves out slow,
Thursday's child has one day to go,
Friday's child is watching with glee,
Saturday's child can not unsee,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day,
Has just a few hours to pack up and go away.

Smithee events:
Thursday 1:00-4:45 Buttons in the Breezeway
Thursday 9:00 pm onward Columbus Smithee Nite out at the Crowne Plaza bar (bring a game!)
Friday 7:00pm - midnightish The 19th Annual Smithee Awards show in the Terrace Ballroom.


Depending on driving schedules and the like, I might possibly, maybe, hopefully not, but could be arriving too late for Buttons. But drd2be and I will both be at Smithee Night Out. :)
Ach! You are dishing out the booish disappointment today. Mrmph.
Well, it's booish disappointment for a yayish reason. Jorb interview for a BIG step up in the world.
OoooOOoooo! Forgiven then, but only if you nail the interview. No pressure :)

You may need booze night out either way then.
Behind on packing? I haven't even PLANNED to start packing yet. This is much better because I can't even be behind on packing until tomorrow night.
Alas, I will not make it for the nite out. Please drink a fruity girl drink in my honor. I will see y'all Friday!