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Wirefu Ninja

It's Tuesday....Must be Time for Another Blurb Post

Yes indeed, it's all Smithee all week long and today's tiny tidbit is…well really cool actually. If you are Origins bound and you like you some games, we've partnered up with Blood & Cardstock to offer you something pretty neat.

Come find me, your Smithee Promotions Ninja, or any one of my Promotions Ninjas in Training or any of the Supreme Committee Members and ask for a Smithee button. Then, take your Smithee button wearing self to the Blood and Cardstock booth (419…like the letters!) and get a dollar off your total purchase when you buy a game. Swank! I think you Smitheeites will like their stuff too; there's a really fun Deus Ex like game (X-Machina).

If you can't find a Smithee member with buttons to give out then you can always come to Buttons in the Breezeway (Thursday 1-4:45 in…THE BREEZEWaY!) and make your own. Or you can come to Smithee Nite Out: Columbus (also Thursday, 9pm at the Crowne Plaza bar) and get a button.

And of course we'd love to see you at the show on Friday (7pm to midnightish, Terrace Ballroom) where you have a chance to win a complete set of 2010 Smithee buttons, including the ultra rare "boojum button".