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Beach Blanket Ninja

Hello Columbus!

We've arrived...at least some of us have less one piece. It turns out that The Guru and I (YFNPN) accidentally left the ditty bag at home. Lucky for us, The Earl has a key to our house so hopefully our AWOL bag will wander its way south a bit later. Of course I'm finding all sorts of things I need...which are in that bag. Le sigh.

On the plus side, the promotion buttons, the Buttons in the Breezeway box, the Bob Blobs and giveaway buttons and the show all made it down just fine. We are good to go for tomorrow (Buttons in the Breezeway, 1pm-4:45pm) and tomorrow night (Smithee Nite Out: Columbus) and of course all our show gear is here so Friday is looking good (Smithee 19 7pm-midnightish).

Shoot, the band-aids are in that bag and I'm breaking in new shoes today. ARH!