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Garbage In Smithees Out

Buttons in the...Breezeway?

Hey all! In about 38 minutes we'll be set up for BUTTONS IN THE BREEZEWAY which, if you've been through the Breezeway, had us a bit perplexed. See, there are no tables in the usual run of the breezeway which would make coloring buttons quite challenging. So we asked and it turns out that waaaaaay at the very end (or the beginning, depending on your orientation) there is a little antechamber to the breezeway which does have tables. Huzzah! But also not where we usually are so if you are looking for us and you've reached the doors to the stairs, turn around and walk all the way back. We'll be waiting for you with our pens and markers.


This sounds like a job for SIGNS ON THE FLOOR!

Don't forget

If you bring your button to booth 419 you will receive $1 off any Blood & Cardstock Game!