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wanna run

Smithee 19...where??

Yesterday we scouted out the Terrace Ballroom and when we were given pith helmets, machetes and a map we knew we were in for a trip. We don't have helmets or machetes for you all but we still retain the map. Tada!

The fastest way to get to the ballroom is to go to the Fed-Ex across the street from the convention center and have you same day shipped to the other end of the convention center. Seriously! However, if you want to take the adventurous route then from the usual convention center entrance off of the food courts walk as far as you can see. Then walk some more but don't quite leave the center at the other end. Turn left. Go up the stairs/escalator and through the beer garden. Then...oh wait. Sorry.

Done? OK! On the other side of the beer garden there should be a raucous(er) crown of people showing bad movie clips. Hi! That's us. You will recognize us because we'll be the only people with pith helmets and machetes since we haven't yet made it back from the exploratory scouting trip. It's a loooong way!