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anonymous kph

Now it's time / to stop and vote / for S-M-I-th-eeeeee / S-M-I (I? I like to vote!) T-H-E (Eee? A vo

Poll #1584293 Now, the Poll

Not as many to vote for as there were in last poll. But more than there will be in the next poll.

[EDIT: Early to post and late to close makes a boy ... I have no idea. Final tally? Ninja Phantom Heroes in the lead with 3 votes. Neutron and the Black Mask in second with 2 votes. And a swarm of movies with 1 each (Nemesis Game, Neutron and the Death Robots, Ninja Brothers of Blood, Nukie).
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Wow, the poll went up early, despite the Earl being in Columbus. Even weirder, I'm voting before anyone else...

Anyway, I think the Smithees need more Mexican wrestlers, so I vote for Neutron and the Black Mask.

-Sean K.