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That Was a Bad Movie (Yellow)

Superargo to the rescue!

Another attempt at watching a movie for 2009 was foiled when Superargo Against Diabolicus hit 4 of the 7 clips we needed to have a mega-full 2008.

If James Bond was a masked Italian wrestler instead of a British superspy, he would be Superargo. Superargo has amazing physical abilities due to his Metaphysical Equilibrium. His weakness, though, is the same as mine (and yours, I bet): large amounts of electricity cause him physical pain.

Here are a few of my favorite lines from the movie:

"Anti-propeller ray in action!"

"This is the electronic accumulator. It can receive and interpret transmissions from the olive."

"These mysterious robberies must be part of some plan."
"If we knew what the plan was, we'd know where to begin our investigation."

"He ain't dead yet, but he soon will be!"

Oh Superargo, you're my hero! Red, fuzzy, able to hold your breath for over seven minutes due to your immense cubic lunch capacity, predating Elmo by a lot, and Turkish Star Wars by about fifteen years.... Sigh. You're so dreamy.


You all ROCK--watching movies for 2009! WOW!!

You also kind of quoted one of my favorite COPS episodes. The toothless old lady's shirtless son is getting hauled off for (allegedly committing) domestic violence. The chain smoking daughter in law is pointing to her (allegedly) bruised leg, yakking about "bein' beat up". The toothless old lady kinda spits and goes, "Awww, you ain't dead yet." Priceless.