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anonymous kph

Say WHAT?!

Yes, I know that "S" doesn't come alphabetically after "N" -- the thing is, I have so many R, S, and T movies that we're going to require something like an extra six polls to fit all of them (except Spiders II, which I own but ain't watching) into polls. Which is good for you if you like polls, since it means a poll pretty much every week in July, August, and September.

The approximate schedule will be N poll, S poll #1, O poll, S poll #2, P poll, S poll #3, Q poll, R poll #1, final R poll, empty week, final S poll, T poll #1, final T poll ... and then it will be October. The empty week is for one of two things -- either a week of quiet contemplation before the winners of S polls 1-3 square off, or a place to slip in any additional "S" movies that I buy as the final Hollywood Video in town liquidates its stock. Yes, even buying one more "S" movie will require a 4th poll. I'm an idiot, but at least I'm an idiot in service of a greater evil....

The R & T polls will be styled differently from the S poll. R & T polls will be poll #1, winners of poll #1 against more movies in final poll, winner of final poll takes all. The S polls will be conducted separately, with final S poll only comprising winners of previous polls. Because I'm just that way.

Poll #1587607 Since you clicked ... the poll!

Standard Smithee caveats apply. The movie (or movies) with the most votes will face off in the Final S Poll. What will that threshold be? I don't know yet. Drama! Drama! Drama!

[EDIT: Poll is closed. Satanik, Sayonara Jupiter, Shark Attack 3, Sharks in Venice will all make the transition. Scorpion Thunderbolt might or might not. That is undecided at this point.]
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Seems like it's been a while since you guys have watched a space movie, so my vote goes to Sayonara Jupiter.

-Sean K.