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anonymous kph

Seeekrit poll!

Poll #1593551 S Poll #2

Slightly surprising that the first S poll got so few votes. Shall we attempt to better that?

The first S poll is here, in case ya missed it.

[EDIT: Poll is closed! She-gods of Shark Reef, Sleepy Hollow High, Snakes on a Train will all make the cut. Skinned Deep might or might not.]

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Snakes on a Train looks highly Smithee worthy.

Sherlock Holmes looks entertaining in a "enjoying it for the reasons the director intended" kind of way, and to be more true to Arthur Conan Doyle than the Robert Downey Jr. version. If you choose to watch it please let me know.
It does look entertaining. All else aside, I suspect it will be enjoyable.


I'm going to go with Skinned Deep. It sounds like a real train wreck of a movie, plus it has Warwick Davis (isn't it about time for another Warwick Davis movie?).

-Sean K.
hubby and I visited the spot in Hawaii where the Shark Reef movie was filmed. We saw a clip on the tour - WAY funny!