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anonymous kph

Sort of, again....

So, it turns out that a fourth S poll will be required. This (third) one is a little less than full, as I've kept all the newly-acquired movies in a fourth S poll by themselves. Because.... Well, because.

Poll #1600359 Simply another S Poll

Sufficient? No. Necessary? Yep.

If you have not yet voted in either the first "S" poll, or the second "S" poll, please consider this your opportunity to so. That first S poll only has 5 votes, total. For the curious, at this point, 9 movies have votes. A final poll of 15 will be assembled out of all possibles (including those, these, and the 5 or so to show their heads in the final preliminary poll).

[EDIT: Poll is closed! Spiderbabe, Star Knight, Superargo will move on. It was a difficult call, but Space Rage and Supernova did not make the cut....]

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Gosh, I have to vote for Star Knight. Not only is it a fantasy/sci-fi mashup, but it stars Klaus Kinski and Harvey Keitel. Weird!

-Sean K.