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Koenig did not want


Do you like chupacabras? How about female chupacabras? (*eyebrow waggle*), he asked him knowingly. How do you feel about movies made locally (for values of local equal to "Michigan State University")? Evil anthropology professors? El Dia de Los Muertos ("You know, Halloween")?

If you like any or all of these things, then I recommend you seek professional help. Possibly get a nice prescription for Smithee's Little Helper(tm). Because you're sure going to need something pharmaceutical like that when you watch Terror at Baxter U to have any hope of enjoyment.

There is a special circle of Hell reserved for movies which are appallingly bad in such a generalized nonspecific way as to be atrocious, yet not yield up a single goddamned Smithee clip. I don't hate this movie like any of my personal Bad Three (Caligula Reincarnated As Hitler, Gummo, or Meat for Satan's Icebox), but I would put it near The Hillz in enjoyability, except slightly lower, because there isn't as good a gutshots:gutshots-rooted-for ratio.