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anonymous kph

Right! Poll time!

Poll #1605802 Right here, R poll #1

Remember that only the top votegetters will move on to face the other 6 R movies in the final R poll next week.

Rational? Perhaps not. All Smithee caveats return to force. Up to 9 of these movies will be moved ahead to next week's final R poll. Rar!

[EDIT: Okay! The following movies move to the "big R showdown" which will be posted shortly: Rape Squad, Rebirth of Mothra 3, Return of the Blind Dead, Ring of Darkness, Robowar, Rodentz. Rawk.]
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Rererebirth of Mothrarara!


I think I have to go with Robowar, which has such cheesy-looking pictures of the robot in question on the cover. Plus, people seem to cite the music, of all things, as one of the better things about the movie...

-Sean K.