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So. Seven movies were only partially watched during the Tally Year (also known as the Inter-Bru-ha-ha Period). Four of these were "abandoned" for Smithee purposes due to being comedies. Three of them for other reasons.

For bonus points, which four of these did we consider to be comedies? And which one of the remaining three was "abandoned" due to a bad DVD (and we intend to finish it up proper)?

37 Ninja Kids
The Devil's Rain
Ghoul School
Patrick Still Lives
Redneck County
Satanic Ambitions
Terror at Baxter U



I'ma say...comedies were Patrick Still Lives, Redneck County, Terror at Baxter U and Ghoul School.
I remember Kevin (I think it was) talking about a bad DVD but can't remember what movie it was.
2 for 4. And Redneck County was an accidental film watch in that two movies on my "Smithee seeking" list are Redneck and Redneck County Rape. Splitting the difference? Did not work so much.
When did we watch BMX Bandits? Last year?
Last year -- but my recollection was that you watched all of it.