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anonymous kph

ROFL? I prefer ROFV

Rocking On, Frequently Voting

Poll #1609193 Really, another R poll?

Realize that this is the final "R" poll, and vote accordingly.

Remember to vote anonymously if you have no LJ account. This is the final "R" poll, and the winner will be chosen from within its frigid depths.

[EDIT: Closed! The clear winner (5 votes) is The Roller Blade Seven, with The Raiders of Atlantis and Rodentz tied for second with 2 votes each, and Return of the Blind Dead and Robot Ninja at 1 vote per. A return to the world of Don Jackson & Scott Shaw is in the offing for me ... damn you, damn you all....]
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It is so so wrong that I voted for the Return of the Blind Dead. Please forgive me :)


Man, how can I not vote for The Roller Blade Seven?

-Sean K.