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anonymous kph

Sadly, it has come to this.

Poll #1612192 Super Poll!

Special #4 S poll, boy howdy.

I'll take the 15 top vote-getters (possibly adjusted for this poll having 1/3 the entries of the others, possibly not) and pit them together in next week's Final S Poll ... OF DOOM!

If you've missed any of the preceding S polls, here are the links to the first "S" poll, the second "S" poll, and the third "S" poll. I will close them all on Saturday in order to compile the final S poll (it may be before midnight, so don't let it go too late). Remember that I break ties, so one vote may not be enough to slip a movie into that final poll.

Vaya con carne, my taquitos!

[EDIT: Poll is closed. All except Shockwave will move on.]
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It's interesting that there are only 5 movies listed here - and 2 of them feature Tim Thomerson! My vote goes to one of these: Shockwave, because it also has Bill Mumy in the cast, as well as not one, not two, but THREE former Star Trek actors.

Oh, and the premise is kind of ludicrous, too.

-Sean K.
These are the five "S" movies that I acquired a month or so ago when the last Hollywood Video in town closed down. I'm not sure what that tells you -- but there it is.
Just stop...Snake Island had me at William Katt....