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Smithee Sesnse Tingling...

Sometimes I wonder what voluntarily watching a whole pack of bad movies does to a person over time (dbadmovies/dt) and while I'd like to think that it grants me the superpower of bad idea recognition and diffusion it probably doesn't. I suspect my ability to recognize and think around a Bad Situation comes from seeing the same thing in different guises over and over. One can not help but learn how not to proceed in these cases if only by copious examples.

That said, I'm reading a book wherein a giant mobile floating city made of salvaged boats has hatched a plan to make them even more ambulatory on the waves. They are going to catch them a mythic plesiosaur the size of an island to haul their city around faster. This in itself is a sketchy plan to begin with but then as the story unfolds, we learn that there are previous harness bits already attached to the underside of the city. The city folk are all, "YAY! We have a base with which to anchor this half mile diameter control collar and reigns!" I, on the other hand, am thinking, "So if they already have a giant swimmy-saur leash, it stands to reason that this was tried before. The fact that they do not currently have a giant boat-a-saur dragging the city around should give them pause to reflect." Am I the only one who thinks maybe there isn't a dinosaur for a very good reason?



Maybe the previous bits were from a previous giant swimming thing that they killed through stupidity and joyriding?
No, you may not have the keys to the Kraken! Last time you took it out you dented the hood and forgot to fill it up when you returned it.