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anonymous kph

Silence for the final "S" poll.

Poll #1615102 Simply the poll.

Soup does not make for good polls.

Several apologies to those movies which had votes in their polls, but were ultimately dropped.

See that you vote soon, as this poll closes (finality) in one week.

[EDIT: Big tie! 2nd place with 1 vote each -- San Franpsycho, Sayonara Jupiter, Skinned Deep, Snake Island. 1st place with 2 votes each -- Sharks in Venice, Snakes on a Train, Spiderbabe, Superargo.]
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My vote goes to Skinned Deep. Warwick! Warwick! Warwick!

-Sean K.
Y'know, rumor has it that Skinned Deep has male nudity.

Warwick? Warwick! Warwick?!?!