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We were going to make this a voice post but the system is down.

Hi all! This is booniverse, badmovie, lunargeography and mattquirk finishing up The Son of Bag of Evil. We decided to make a theme dinner of it and have had Macs and cheese, fish sticks, tater tots and margaritas in sippy cups. Wheee! This post would be a lot more fun if the Voice post system was working because the only one who hasn't had any margarita is Badmovie and he just said "Dark Docent" in reference to the second flick we are watching (Dark Descent). Because...nothing stars Dean Cain!

We've already watched Side Show and it wasn't a wealth of Smitheeage sadly. I have no idea what number of numbers Side Show is (Badmovie is keeping those stats) but it wasn't too terribly awful. It had a really stupid ending, a strange R, a stupid monster and a good 1 line. Well, OK I guess we did get some clips. Brain of Blood won't play, sadly so Dean Cain it is.

Back to Dark Descent, which is described as a High Noon rip off.


The regular system is down; they have a new 800 number you can (supposedly) use: 1-888-840-6189

This is from paidmembers. Uh, you might need to be a paid member to use the #.
smithee_awards is a paid member

And pretty much solely so I could make dozens of stupid icons.
...and this you were born to do!

These were #s 29 and 30 for me personally, and 31 and 32 overall. I think it is safe now to draw a veil across 2008 (Rats!), and we can get on to 2009 (?!).
So was Dark Descent the last of the 08 watcing season? Or the first of the 09 watching season?
I am willing to give it the dubious pride of place as last film for '08 (The Movie Which Must Not Be Named 2: The Adventure Begins was '07, Impulse was '06, Legion of the Night was '05, No Dead Heroes was '04, Circuitry Man was '03, Crystal Force was '02, and that's as far back as my electronic notes go).

2009!!! The mind boggles. Next time, don't forget to drink a toast (and eat a tot) to your Livejournal pals :)
...getting toasted wasn't close enough?
Heh, well we did wind up toasting quite often as the movie kept flashing [a seemingly random at times] time up on the screen. It only really made any difference when you knew that the back up wouldn't get there until 3:30 and the homicidal bad guys were arriving on the noon shuttle (abouthalf way through?), but they started time stamping a whole year in advance. It was to the point that every time they showed a time on the screen, we'd hoist our glasses into the air and shout "X o'clock: The witching hour at Collingwood!" and take a hit of booze.
Beautiful! Bad Movie Drinking Games. Life is good :)



Well, the important thing is that there's plenty of material available. Yes, the Smithkateers' vigilance does extract a price in lives and sanity, but the Smithee Awards will continue well into the future.