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A Poll! A Poll for YOU!

I know y'all like voting and it has occurred to me that I haven't yet unveiled when September's Smithee Night Out will be. Then I had an epiphany! Lets take a poll!

Poll #1616376 Pick a Pack of Pickled Smithee Night Outs
This poll is closed.

What day is a good day for Smithee Night Out?

Saturday, September 11th
Sunday, September 12th
Saturday, September 18th
Sunday, September 19th
Saturday, September 25th
Sunday, September 26th
Other (list date in comments)

I'll close this up on Friday just in case this Saturday is the favored day. Otherwise, standard Smithee poll caveats apply. Now I gotta look them up in the Smithee Poll bylaws.



Sept 11, 12, 18 & 19 work for me. In fact, we will even be in Ypsi on the 18th - my niece PJ turns 4!

Mrs. Dagoski
The 19th is also Halcyon Sundaze which I personally love.
The 11th is the Homegrown Fest. The 18th is the end of Yom Kippur (ends at sundown) and I will be somewhere scarfing down food :)). September 25 and 26 are also good though.
You forgot to include an answer choice for people who don't live in or near Ann Arbor, but like to vote in polls.
I figured they would find a way to vote...and maybe the DO care about what night we go out. Personally, I don't care, really so I'm good any old way. I just voted so I could see the results.
There are ways to see poll results without voting. I even figured out how to properly close polls to voting (although I still don't).
Oh I think once upon a time I figured out how to see polls before voting but I'm a creature of lazy and didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Because apparently I lost wheel technology and walking seems easier somehow. Or something.

Can't you just click "Close Poll" (or whatever it is that closes a poll)? I remember, the one time I closed a poll, it seemed pretty straight forward, even for LJ. Maybe I was on crack.
You could simply log out, but I stopped doing that when LJ started popping up ads at login.

You can click on the poll #, and then click View Poll Results. This is how I do it currently.

Or you can vote.

You are correct about closing polls. I do not recall being able to find the "Close Poll" click-spot the first few times I tried closing polls (some 2.5 years ago), so that was when I started editing entries to indicate that polls were closed. Maybe I'll start doing it the right way in 2012....
I take it the 11th is not the night?