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Ummm...guess who forgot to close a poll? And guess who forgot to post when Smithee Nite Out was going to be? All I can say to that is Look over there!!! WHAT can that BE??!? [run/hide]

SO! The official Smithee Nite out will be...drumroll...Saturday, September 18th! It will give time for pattimst3k to get well and the Dagoski's will also be in town. Plus, it gives people a week or so to prepare, versus less than 24 hours. There you have it.

September Smithee Nite Out
Saturday September 18th
5pm plus
Corner Brewery

Also, check out the new icon. It has nothing to do with the subject but I thought I'd showcase it anyway. See y'all in a week!


Will try to make it! It just depends on how my system is doing after fasting all day and then breaking the fast like a mf'er :)
What better way to break your fast than with BEER!