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anonymous kph

Un-forgivable ... in Smithee ways ....

Poll #1626899 U Poll

Ultimately, this choice is yours!

Understand that there are two different Unspeakables to vote for.

Unsurprisingly, standard Smithee poll caveats apply (they are standard, after all).

[EDIT: Poll is closed! Ultracop 2000 wins it with 4 votes. Universal Soldiers with 2. Unseen Evil, Unspeakable, and Urban Ghost Story with 1 each.]
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All of the first three look quite good. But Richard Hatch AND Tim Thomerson? How can you go wrong with that!
If anyone votes for thttp://smithee-awards.livejournal.com/169912.html?mode=replyhe Troma "Unspeakable" I will perform unspeakable acts upon your psyche. Seriously. I haven't recovered from Combat Shock yet, and I didn't even see the whole thing.
I didn't look to see which Unspeakable I voted for (iMDB goes a little funny on me) because I loved that there were two. Thus I wanted to vote for one. If the first one was the Troma one...well sorry that.


Why, I watched Combat Shock all the way through... twice. And I turned out just fiiiine....

-Sean K.


My vote goes to Ultracop 2000, partly because a reviewer stated how bad it is.

-Sean K.