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everybody loves batratspidercrab

The 5 Most Baffling Horror Movies From Around the World

According to Cracked.com that is. I thought I'd post a little seasonal fun but also point out that of the five listed movies:

Hausu (from Japan)
Hard Rock Zombies (from America)
Matango (from Japan)
Long Weekend (from Australia)
Mystics in Bali (from Indonesia)

We've watched three of them. I think; I'll have to confirm with The Earl but I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing one of these treasures this November at U*Con (and also I'll wager it'll pop up in March as well-I think this film has the staying power to make the final cut) and the other one further down the road. If you are an astute Smithee-ite you might be able to guess which movies we've seen but not yet nominated (provided The Earl is current with his write-ups past the movies in question) and which ones we'd really like to see. I'm going to have to tell The Earl to keep an eye out for the other two because they sound AWESOME!



I was at my eye doc's this morning and perused through some magazine or another. Its choice for worst movie was BIRDEMIC!!!
and WOW was it pretty dead on. Certainly the worst movie made during whatever year it was.

The Earl Natters On

I'm not sure which are "the other two," but I have a guess.

As our FNPN has alluded to, Matango is a film Of Smithees Past (and Mega Meta Smithees future -- in one of the toughest categories, no less).

Hard Rock Zombies will be seen at the U*CON Primary in less than two weeks. That's the only time these clips are guaranteed to be shown, although I agree with our FNPN that one or two have the legs to make the final show -- and maybe even beyond.

Long Weekend is one of the classic Ozploitation (Ozsploitation?) films from the Oz'n period, as chronicled in the recently-released documentary Not Quite Hollywood. I recommend this documentary highly. For "I own multiple copies of it" values of "highly." But we've never done this one, although we have done other Oz'n "classics" (Escape 2000 aka Turkey Shoot for example, or the more recent Dead End Drive-In ("You can't walk on an S road, can you?")). Lost Weekend is one of those movies that I did scare up a copy of, and we will be watching for a future Smithee. Maybe I should bump another Oz'n movie on Netflix (say, Fairgame), get some kangaroo from one of the local fancy grocery stores, and go all Theme Night. Also, if anyone out there has a copy of Truckin' Buddy McCoy that is not living on a PAL videocassette, I want to see it! It's one of the very remaining non-viewed-for-Smithee-purposes Myra Chason films.

Hausu. Ah, Hausu. I've had a copy of Hausu for quite a while now -- although I don't expect it to ever be in consideration for a Smithee film because I don't think it will ever be dubbed (whereas I'm still holding out hope for Full Metal Yakuza). Hausu is well worth investigation by any or all of the two or three people who will actually read this paragraph -- it's got a style and feel that is truly unique. I found it via a (now-defunct) LJ blog ("Click Opera") by the musician Momus, who was also taken by it.

Thus leaving one of the movies on my "Smithee seeking" list for a long time (since 2003 or so), Mystics in Bali. I really want to watch this one as well, although I've had enough trouble finding one that was subtitled in English to doubt that it's available dubbed. But I still want to watch the darned thing! The other thing that made me hesitate to pull the trigger on Mystics in Bali is that it was recommended by someone who has a very skewed weird:bad ratio -- at least half the movies he's recommended that I've watched have been weird-but-not-bad (Habitat, for example). This won't stop me from hunting up Dak Bangla or Mystics in Bali, but it does dampen my enthusiasm somewhat.

Regardless! That is The Earl's Lowdown on cracked.com's 5 most baffling horror movies from around the world.

Re: The Earl Natters On

I had thought we (you) had watched Hausu already. My two must get for Smithee Movies were the Aussie vs. Nature and the Mystics in Bali.

Re: The Earl Natters On

Oh, well I guessed wrong.

I have a copy of the Aussie movie, but not Mystics in Bali. Or at least Not Yet.