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Smithee Nite Out November

Some of you astute Ann Arbor and surrounding area Smitheeites might have been starting to wonder when Smithee Nite out is going to be. This weekend is the mini-Smithees at UCon (We give this event a 5 stars up!) and next weekend YFNPN and the Guru will be out of town (although y'all can gather without us if you want) and then Thanksgiving weekend and HEY! That's all of November!

You would be quite right. So! Smithee Nite Out will take place November 41st (or December 11th for the normal calendar enabled). Same bat time, same bat place though...at least that hasn't changed.


Just FYI, there is a Krampus party that night in lieu of the Shadow Art Fair. I plan to go to that so I'll be there but it might be packed!