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anonymous kph

X films (but not XXX, although we do have three of them)

Poll #1643907 Xanadu is too high budget for us

Xanax might be necessary to get you through this thrilling poll.


Xenophobia would also be an appropriate response to this poll.

[EDIT: Guilala approves! The X From Outer Space takes it with 4 votes. Two for Xtro, but only one for the harder-to-find sequel Xtro II. Penultimate poll is due up next Saturday, although what with the holiday, it could go up anytime from the Wednesday prior to the Monday after.]
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The X from Outer Space, as it appears to have a Stupid-Looking Monster, as well as a Ludicrous Premise.

-Sean K.
Its (40 years later) sequel involved the monster attacking the G-8 Summit.