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anonymous kph

Yes, it is time

Poll #1649713 Y Poll

You should vote for the movie you would most like me to watch -- and then I will watch it!

Yep, the penultimate 26/52 poll for 2010 is here -- standard you-know-whats you-know-what.

[EDIT: Poll is closed! Final tally is almost precisely what I expected. 7 for Yo Yo Girl Cop, 2 for Young Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, and 0 for Y.M.I.. Get ready for the final 26/52 poll of 2010, coming up next week!]
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Yo Yo Girl Cop. Hm. Is that some kind of translation of the famous Japanese series "Sukeban Deka" about a delinquent girl in a private school who's secretly a "21 Jump Street" style undercover cop? She uses a deadly yoyo as her weapon.

consulting the magic 8-ball

*shooka shooka shooka*

signs point to yes

Actually, it appears to be one of many.

Re: consulting the magic 8-ball

I want to see that movie. Keep this in mind.

Re: consulting the magic 8-ball

I am constrained to watching it between the 5th and the 18th (inclusive), but that doesn't prevent me from either (a) loaning it, or (b) watching it again.


Yes, I must vote for the Yo Yo Girl Cop movie, though the others also look pretty bad.

-Sean K.