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anonymous kph

Z films

Poll #1655751 ZOMG -- that year went fast!

Zoned for entertainment, which of these Smithee films requires most extensive re-zoning?

Zoetropes were never this badtertaining. Zythepsaries stay in business on the strength of films like these. Zookeepers encourage you to vote for the final Smithee 26/52 poll of the year! Zucchinis dance for your pleasure if you do. Zoloft suggests that perhaps you are too strongly anthropomorphizing things.

[EDIT: There was no right answer! Zombiez took 3 votes, Zebra Killer 2, Zombie 5: Killing Birds 1, and Zombie 4: After Death the fabled goose egg. See you guys for round three in 2012! And thanks for voting.]

That oughtta hold the little bastards.
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I think I'll go with Zombiez in this poll, partly because the title both begins and ends with the letter 'Z'.

-Sean K.