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Public Service Announcement

Earl of Editing here, reminding you to always back up your data.

When I clip movies for Smithee purposes, I prefer to do that once and only once (the mental health insurance premiums get prohibitive otherwise). Accordingly, all Smithee clips are backed up on three hard drives or archived onto external hard drives and a set of DVDs (which live in a different physical location than the hard drives). This has come in handy periodically, like when my large external HD made an unplanned excursion from chair to floor and came up limping.

The majority of the Smithee data was backed up on the smaller external HD, but not all of it (raw Smithee data is large and menacing). The missing data was on a set of 15 DVDs, and easily recoverable*.

So remember! Save early. Save often. Save Gus whenever possible, because Catman needs him.

* With the exception of one file which I had to re-clip from the source film. It had gone bad. Real bad. Smithee bad. "Copying the file to a Hard Drive crashed the OS" bad. But my point is that I only had to re-clip one file, and not 183.


Back in college in the computer lab, this was our motto:

"Back up or shut up"