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Evil Opposing Morons

The Smithee 20 Button Quote poll!

It's time to start gearing up the Smithee Promotions machine so I'll start with the now annual button quote poll. This year I'm doing something a bit different in that I'm choosing one of the quotes so for reals, I'll only take the winner to be the second quote. Which quote will be the Promotions Ninja sponsored quote you ask? Why "If we knew what the plan was, we'd know where to begin our investigation." from Superargo vs. Diabolicus. You all gave it no love the last two years so I'm forcing it into button fame this year. HA! Also, it might not have any influence on your voting but if you are one of those people who have a dual quote something thing, now you have a better idea what to vote for. Lastly, I think I may have front loaded the choices from more recent shows. Aaaaah...whoops.

Poll #1667871 2011 or Smithee 20 Quote Button Poll
This poll is closed.

It's time once again to help a ninja out. Vote for your quote! P.S. The poll will be open for the rest of January. Now get clicking!

"It would be highly expedient if you would believe this horse shit." - Python
"I have a system. Whenever I don't have a lead, I drink gin and wait." - Voodoo Black Exorcist
"I've never interfaced with a quadruped before." - Circuitry Man II: Plughead Reloaded
"This is like the dark side of Hee-Haw." - Frankenfish
"Of course they're naked; it's far too dangerous to jump through fire with their clothes on." - The Wicker Man

EDIT: Poll is closed and I would appreciate it if you did believe that horseshit.

Horseshit wins with 6
Interfacing with Quadropeds got 4
Drink gin and wit got 3
Naked fire jumping got 2
Dark side of Hee-Haw got 1

It was a nice close poll for quite a while with Horseshit pulling into the definite lead in the last days of the poll.


OT, but I found a place to promote the Smithees--the awards index on TVTropes.


That might be an amusing time sink to creat the entry and all the entries for the winners of "Worst Movie"--that is, if they haven't been created already.
I see your fluffy and raise you World Domination Kitten! Love your icon BTW.

We've created a thing already for the Worst Movie winners on the main site. It might take a bit of clicking to get to but if you pull up ceremonies and winners, the movies link to a description of said movie. You can also limit by winners only but I think it's a little wonky at the moment and lists by year rather than by category.

I will pass the TVTropes idea on to the rest of the committee though and see what they think.
You had me at Hee Haw


I think I have to vote for the Python "horse shit" quotation. What I really want to see on a button (correct me if you've already done it) is "Foolproof plans are hard to come by, son!"

-Sean K.
The Earl is hesitant about releasing a quote that won its category into the button wild until it has run its course through the megas. I happen to agree with him and have been collecting yet holding those quotes (although I think one already snuck out before we came to this decision). That said, it might be fair if all the quotes that won were represented at the same time so as not to bias people towards any one quote.

Fear not SWNiN, you will be seeing your quote in the near future. Muahahahahahaha1

I voted for Voodoo Black Exorcist because it made me lol, it is funny out of context, and because I think the Wicker Man one is a touch long to look good on a button.