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Animated Ninja Technique

baba o'smithee

It's as official as it gets! Smithee Awards XVI (S16) will be held on Saturday, April 21. Same bat-time, same bat-channel. Same bat-snacks, too. Not similar ones, no. The same ones....

You wouldn't believe how far in the future the expiration date is on aerosol cheese. And Vegemite is kind of like honey -- it never goes bad!

I know this is a bit in the future, so fear not ... there will be plenty of further reminders between now and the blessed event.


I do not know how far in advance the DVD will be ready, but I do know that Mega-Meta 3 DVDs are being floated around, and MM3 votes cast before Origins count the same as those cast there.
Except in the case of a tie, when the first tie breaker is which clip got the most votes at Origins.

Also, please only vote at ONE showing, whether that be Columbus, Ann Arbor, or your living room.
They may weigh differently, but they count the same (1 vote = 1 vote = 1 vote).
oh, yeah! and re: the Sultan's second bit:

Please do only vote once. You are on the honor system. To paraphrase Yahoo Serious "if you can't trust the Smithee voters of the world, then who can you trust?"

I wonder if the Young Einstein soundtrack is out on CD....

Mine is loaned out to Paul Enns (who was scheduled to work during A2MM3 - literally from 6 PM to 12:30 AM, the whole show), but I am sure something can beworked out.
My precise reaction to reading "ballot lucadore" (and BadMovie can vouch for this):


This, as BadMovie observes, is probably excellent evidence that it is appropriate for the Smithees.
Let's just hope no female TV reporters show up to cover the Smithees.
Does Michelle have a female reporter costume?

No reason.