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An Answer To The Question of Research

Although I discovered this movie through The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made, I found that I quite enjoyed it. It's the story of a family struck with a vaguely-defined hereditary mental illness, and their beloved caretaker (Lon Chaney Junior). A lawyer and some distant cousins show up and start poking around, and the family is forced to rally around themselves for support, eventually taking matters into their own hands. Rather than a bad movie, I found this to be a good-but-weird one. I found the acting to be good (for "believable" values of good), and in the end I agree with the imdb reviewer who tut-tuts The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made for including Spider Baby. It doesn't really belong on a list with Mesa of Lost Women, Hillbillys in a Haunted House, Galaxy of Terror, Xanadu, etc. The full list of 50 is here, and there are several past and future potential Smithee movies on that list ... but Spider Baby isn't one.


We have a copy of "The 50 Worst Movies" too. I'm sure that's not a shock or anything, just thought I'd confirm the obvious - MJ