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Kung Fu instead of Ethics

Button Poll is closed and I would appreciate it if you did believe that horseshit.

Did I ever post what the outcome for this year's quote button was other than as a tiny edit to the actual post (way long ago)? I do not think I did. Anyway, you all can look forward to:

"If we knew what the plan was, we'd know where to begin our investigation." from Superargo vs. Diabolicus

and (drum roll please)

"It would be highly expedient if you would believe this horse shit." from Python.

The actual results were as follows:
Horseshit wins with 6
Interfacing with Quadropeds got 4
Drink gin and wit got 3
Naked fire jumping got 2
Dark side of Hee-Haw got 1

It was a nicely tight race too until the back stretch when Horseshit pulled out in the lead.




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Re: viagra

Dear Spam:

Thank you for being highly appropriate to The Smithee Awards.

I got a spam e-mail while working on Smithee stuff whose subject line was "COCKZILLA is the word"