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Recruiting for ConBust in A2

Yesterday I had a couple of hours to kill before having to be someplace so I set to wandering. Along the way I met a woman and her daughter and we struck up a conversation about my Smithee bag. The woman asked if it had to do with Smith college and I said no, that it was in reference to Alan Smithee. BUT! Coincidentally, we were putting on a show at Smith College in two weeks. She asked about the show, I gave her the brief rundown and then she turned to her daughter and remarked that it sounded like fun. Turns out her daughter goes to Smith and was in A2 for spring break. Hopefully she will come see what ConBust is about when she gets back to Northampton and hopefully she will stop in and see some Smitheeness. For the rest of you in and around the area of Smith College on the 25th, 26th and 27th of March, ConBust will be doing it's awesome con thing. Come see all the cool stuff, plus yours truly(s?) on Friday night.