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6 More Weeks Bad Movies

Smithee 20 Show 1 in T-minus 4 days, 8 hours

For those of you near Northampton, MA and in particular Smith College, you will have the first chance to see Smithee XX at ConBust. You will also be the first Smitheeites to grab the newly designed and pressed quote buttons, Smithees at Smith button or this year's ninja button. As for the SLM button well...due to some terrific slackeration there will be no shark puppies appearing at ConBust this year. Sorry about that. I might have time yet to design, press and pack SLM buttons but only if we check luggage. I'm pretty certain a bag full of shark puppy buttons is on the TSA "verboten in the cabin" list.

So! To recap. Show this Friday (7pm, Seeley Hall, Room 106, Smith's campus). Most of the buttons in the mail today. Sake candy and "delightful" giveaways traveling with the buttons. Come check out the fist showing of Smithee XX and stay for the rest of the con. It's an awesome time.


Shark Puppies!
...are DONE! At least the drawing and scanning are. Buttons and icon perhaps later.