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some days you just need more Marjoe in y

Smithees at Smith 2011

Hello Smithies! Welcome to Smithee XX!

Well it's finally happened, we kicked off the 2011 Smithee Awards season with a wonderful trip out to Northampton's Smith college and their fantastically fun ConBust. I have to say that the getting there wasn't nearly the awesome as the being there, mostly because we got stuffed onto a tiny puddle jumper from Detroit to D.C. and then took an even tinier puddle jumper from D.C. to Hartford. Our plane was so small that we had to disembark on the tarmac and bus it to the terminal because the gate thingits couldn't bend down as far as our plane's door. This also meant no Bust Tank Shuttle Cabs for us.

A word to the wise, if you have to use the potty on a micro-plane you really need to have a fully thought out plan of action before entering the stall because once you get in, there isn't any room to change your mind about things. Crimony!

We did get to Smith in one piece and with enough time to booger around before set up. We even lent a hand in the great chair migration of ought '11 seeings as us Smithees are old hands at moving chairs from one room to another. Then we had time to catch some eats with Sean Whose Name is Nate, sarah-marie and Tom who are our local friends and fellow Smitheeites. Pretty soon it was time to unload the snacks and set up the show.

And we had snacks. SWNiN is awesome at divining the Smitheeness of a particular food item. You can see the obligatory UTZ!, some peeps, spray cheese and Chicken-in-a-Biscuit crackers. All staple Smithee snacks.

And here are the audience members snacking on said snacks. ConBust Smithees is getting up there in attendance, or at least food munching since we had very little leftover at the end of the night.

I think this was the only "food" we wound up donating to the con suite. It might have still been as untouched by the end of the con. Multi-mongo-mallows are...not very good.

I am quite pleased with our numbers this year. We didn't set a record high but we did set a record high low AND we metered out 75 ballot packs for our first ever ConBust churn number:

2011 44 high, 32 low, 69 brains touched
2010 45 high, 30 low
2009 35 high, 27 low
2008 37 high, 19 low
2007 36 high, 17 low

Note to future self: Pack more ballot kits. Also, remember to stuff ballot kits with lames. It was a little last minute with the ballot packing and I admit that maybe lunargeography and I weren't really at our sharpest mentally. I blame the Samoas. Tasty, tasty Samoas. On the plus side, I remembered at the end of the show that I usually carry a pack of lames around in my bag on account so we were good. Also, hello to all our new Smithee LJ friends!

The show went smashingly and we wrapped up by 11:30ish after a 7pm plus start. Not bad at all. And remember, we'll be keeping an eye out for y'all next year.


Once again, thanks to the ConBust crew for inviting us out. We enjoy showing our movies to the bad movie lovers of the world and you all seem to have quite the fondness for cinema schlock.



Just a few ConBust pics