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All the Utz You Could Ever Want

Can be yours on April 16th. We're doing show 2: The Ann Arbor Smithee XX Awards on Saturday, April 16th at 7pm. Same old 1800 Chem building bat place (930 N. University, UofM's campus) same old bat snacks. Errrmmm...well maybe not the same snacks but there will be old familiar faces at the snacks table for sure. Including Utz!


Projector Question.

What kind of projector do you use for the Smithees?

Looking at getting one for use at our church / or a movie room for bad movies at Origins....

Re: Projector Question.

Hrrrmmm...a small one? I don't have the specs on it but I will try to remember to ask the Guru about the technical fiddly bits.