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Furious Ballot Counting

The Earl of Editing Needs Ballots...Badly

Please take a moment out of your Saturday on April 16th and help our poor Earl. For 50 cents a day, you can keep the Earl in Ballots throughout the whole show.

OK, I lied. For ZERO money you can come "enjoy" upwards of 95 unique bad movie clips representing...some lesser number of unique movies (I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 35. I may be completely wrong but I'm also too lazy to look it up). AND we'll "feed" you for doing it. Plus, you will also get the chance to help out our poor Earl in his need to count ballots.

Ann Arbor Smithee Awards
Saturday, April 16th, 7pm
1800 Chemistry Building (930 North University, UM Central Campus)

And remember: eat the food, don't shoot it.