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anonymous kph

M is for Mosquito Man (and also Mansquito)

Rarely has a movie's cover lied to me as blatantly as Mosquito Man's. The plot that it describes is entirely plausible, but not remotely what happens. Doctor Bowman's lab is not invaded by criminals intent on stealing a new vaccine, nor do they inject him with it. Instead, the death row inmate brought to Doctor Michaels' lab for human trials escapes, and is caught in the explosion of an experimental reactor filled with drugged mosquitoes. Other than all the nouns and verbs being different, the basic gist is the same. Whatever the cover writer's "muse"-quito was, it was not the actual movie.

This movie could have been a lot worse. The effects done to the people as their bodies were trying to transform into giant humanoid mosquitoes (henceforth Mansquitos)? Creepy. Especially well-done. The SWAT team sent in to kill the Mansquito acted sensibly and cautiously (setting aside the obvious Mansquito-swatting joke). None of the actors were horrible. Musetta Vander (Jennifer) was actually quite good, and Corin Nemec (Lt. Tom Randall) at least kept a straight face while yelling, "Hey! Mansquito!" There were a number of scenes that involved reflective surfaces, and not one betrayed the presence of camera or crew.

The Mansquito itself? That was stupid-looking. Also, let's remember that only female mosquitoes typically suck blood. A Mansquito should have only buzzed annoyingly around cast members' ears, then gone and drank nectar destructively from giant plants. But that would not have made for much of a dramatic movie.

Speaking of which, the plot, while straightforward, isn't too simplistic. A mosquito-borne super-virus is spreading across the globe, so a bio-lab is developing a strain of mosquitoes that are immune to the virus, while being able to out-breed natural mosquitoes. Further tests need to be done to ensure that the whole idea is human-safe, but the Doctor in charge of the lab wants to accelerate this process, in order to provide his investors a quick return on their money. He contracts out to a local prison for death row inmates to serve as human trials.

The very first one escapes from his captors, and gets into a shoot-out in the middle of volatile scientific equipment (including an experimental nuclear reactor which is loaded which juiced-up (albeit sedated) mosquitoes). The reactor explodes, and he is doused with mosquitoes as well as blue gunk. One of the female scientists (Jennifer) is also caught in the shower of blue gunk.

The convict escapes, and the hunt is on. The lead cop on the manhunt (Lt. Tom Randall) is coincidentally Jennifer's boyfriend. The convict almost immediately turns into the Mansquito, and sets out to suck
people's blood. It uses its giant proboscis, and this 800-pound gorilla Mansquito pretty much sticks that proboscis wherever it likes (but usually the chest/neck/head area). Sometimes a giant proboscis is just a giant proboscis.

Tom is chasing down these murders, although is somewhat surprised that the new M.O. is so radically different than the escaped killer's previous M.O. Meanwhile, Jennifer figures out what's going on when she starts to undergo metamorphosis pains.

The Mansquito's attacks grow more bold and blatant as Jennifer attempts to use science to figure out what is going on, and how to stop it. When she realizes that the Mansquito is hanging onto life only until its mate arrives, she attempts to kill herself, but Tom stops her.

Which makes it up to him to stop the Mansquito before Jennifer can lure it into the World's Largest Bug Zapper. Or before Jennifer becomes mother to a whole new breed of creature.

Either way, it bodes ill for their relationship.