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smithee food

Smithee Food in T-Minus 3 Days 8 Hours(ish)

Less if you are one of those crazy Smitheeites who show up God-Awful early (and as a consequence gets drafted to help set up. Muahahahaha!). Yes folks, we are down to the last waning days before show two and Snack Table Sr.

By now you know the mantra: Saturday, April 16th, 7pm @1800 Chem Building (A2's UM campus, 930 N.U.)

but did you know I have some free time Friday and/or Saturday? And a burning desire to make something Smitheelicious? And I have the power to create polls? Oh I know you all like teh clicky so vote for any and all choices. Right now I'm more inclined to make the brownies but not so much that my mind can't be changed by overwhelming popular opinion.

Poll #1729643 SNACKS!
This poll is closed.

What Would You Like to See on the A2 Smithee Snacks Table

Smithee Gorp
Aztec Brownies
Bacon Fat Gingerbread Cookies
Igor Bars
Peep Sushi
Monster Cookies

P.S. Bacon bars are not listed because The Earl is in charge of them and he'll be making the bars anyhow poll be damned.

Poll closed on account of already having done the show. I decided that Aztec brownies and Gorp won because they each got 3 votes and the brownies were easier than the cookies by a margin of finding the bacon somewhere in my freezer. BTW I will post the recipe for the brownies in the comments for the curious.


Some of those things sound deliciously horrifying and/or horrifyingly delicious, and I am regretful and/or thankful that they are far away from me.

Maybe I'll make it to A2 Smithees next year.
pimples are really annoying, you can kill them using benzoyl peroxide but it will also make your skin red.

That's the most disgusting recipe ever, curomust! The Smithee Awards have some standards!
So far, Smithee Gorp and Aztec brownies are winning (the Guru has a vote in for the brownies). If I get my hinder out shopping we shall have both because Gorp is easy and I have all the brownie ingredients already.
The Aztec brownies were awesome. Is the recipe available?
Indeed it is.
1 box of brownie mix. May I recommend Ghiridelli or Hershey's supreme select something something brownie mix.

2 tsp cayenne pepper

5 tsp cinnamon

Mix, bake, eat.

It doesn't seem to matter when you add the extra spices, I've done it before adding the wet ingredients and after with no discernible difference in outcome. I usually add the extra spices before the wet ingredients only because in my mind they categorize better that way.
Bacon bars are now made, poll be damned.