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A Day In The Life of a Shark Puppy

Every day thousands of shark puppy litters are put down because of the public's misplaced suspicion about the nature of these gentle beasts.

It is true, a shark puppy can gnaw a normal sized topiary to stumps in an alarmingly short time...

But mostly they prefer something a little more meaty, like hosin chicken.

or joggers. For the most part though, a well brought up shark puppy is a happy, playful pet.

You might find them using their natural camouflage abilities to play "hunt and stalk"

Or happily chewing on interactive art pieces. A shark puppy has rows of sharp teeth that constantly fall out so a shark puppy is always teething. Although it may be expensive, giant metal objects seem to be the best solution for a shark puppy nibbler.

A standard shark and dog pairing can have as many as 10 pups in a litter. Pups are born with a full set of teeth, which they then start to lose after the first week. In a month, a shark pup is as comfortable on land as it is in the water.

So please be responsible pet owners and have your dog or shark spayed or neutered. The Smithee Awards will be adopting out Shark Puppies tonight at the 20th Annual Smithee Award showing (7pm, 1800 Chem Bldg) and again in Columbus, Ohio as part of the Origins Game Fair Smithee Showing. Please consider adoption of one of these handsome, playful, gentle creatures.


Blame the deed not the breed!!!!!

Next up, have Sarah Mclachlan singing about the in the arms of an angel as you show pitiful shark puppy pics....