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Oh It's My Favorite Smithee Promotional Run

...because I love, love, LOVE the cute Penguicon Smithee Tux. I might just really like Penguins too but that's beside the point. On the point is that we have another Michigan localish show coming up at Penguicon.

If you have no plans for the weekend of April 29th through May 1st I highly recommend coming down to Troy and seeing what Penguicon has to offer. They have everything from readings by Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors of their newest works (in progress or just out - BTW, I heard Mary Robinette Kowal read from Shades of Milk and Honey last year and the book was just as awesome as the small chapter she read), to a chocolate ritual ceremony (oh YUM!) and even board games. Penguicon is the neatest little diverse con.

They also will be having the Smithees on Saturday, April 30th; 9pm to 2am in Ballroom B. Hope to see some-lots of you there!