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Shark Puppy, SLM

Shark Puppies Would Like to Remind You

That you south eastern-ish Michigan-ish based people can catch another local Smithee Showing of Smithee XX at Penguicon this Saturday. And, since the Smithees are "anchoring the after dark program" this year there will be plenty of time to catch other fantastic Penguicon scheduled programming. Whiskey tasting? Ghost hunting technology crash course? Dominion tournaments? Interested in web comics? Want to know what select awesome authors are doing and hear them read from their own works? how about Liquid nitrogen ice cream? Filk concerts? The list goes on but be sure to leave some of

Saturday, April 30th
9pm till ~2
Ballroom B

open for Smithee fun. The Shark Puppies don't know about you but the cheese fondu gig looks right up their alley. Food and swimming? What could go wrong?


Neither of you is likely to be seen at Origins? This is sadness.