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anonymous kph

Q is for Quintet

Metaphor. Quintet is just one giant Mother-FuHubbard metaphor. I can nutshell this film for you in the following sentences: "Paul Newman lives. Everybody else dies in the frozen tundra. Even the dogs eat each other."

Quintet is a game. Also a meta-game. There are five players, and also the extra player, and the referee. There's a five-part board. There are playing pieces. There's an order of play. And then a bomb goes off and kills Paul Newman's pregnant girlfriend, and humanity is doomed, so the survivors just play Quintet as humanity grinds on to endgame.

I did not particularly enjoy this movie. It felt very Soviet Bloc for a movie directed by Robert Altman, starring Paul Newman and Bibi Andersson.

Paul Newman was at the height of his powers here. Bibi Andersson was very good, but to her I imagine the film felt like Bergman Lite. Robert Altman was okay, but.... Let me put it another way. Think of this film as the blockage that Popeye's colonic cleared out. That analogy applies whether or not you like Altman's Popeye.

It's more an Art Film than a Smithee Film, I reckon. Also, and more important, there were no good clips. Lots of snow and ice, though.