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Do Not Want (new can)

Those Crazy Spammers

I've done some back stage jiggery pokery with the Smithee blog which should only affect anonymous posters (sorry SWNiN). I've been getting a googob of anonymous spam posts filling up my inbox lately to the point where I get more LJ spam than I get legit e-mails. Sad Promotions Ninja is sad! And deluged with stoopid "my XXX site let me show you it free viagra cruises to anywhere $1 my software is AWESOME". When things settle down and the spamanators are dealt with in a better fashion than routing them all to me, I'll set the anonymous posting back to its normal carefree "anybody can pooooost!". For now, anonymous posters will be sent somewhere for authorization before their posts go live have to fill out those annoying "Yes I'm a human and can type these words" boxes. At least that's how I read the check boxes.