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World Domination Kitten

Exactly Two Weeks

And now it's exactly a fortnight until the Origins Smithee Awards and look, I got to use old fashion-y words again. Well word anyway but it is true: Two Fridays from now we should be running around making sure all y'all are comfortably settled in for the 20th showing of the Smithee Awards. So my question to you is: What are you going to do until that moment arrives?

I tell you what *I* am going to do, and that is spend some quality time with scrap paper, pens, baggies and business lames (note to self: print more lames) and prep ballot kits. For reasons that might have to do with the new kitten's compulsion to drag his toys* under the bed, leftover ballot packs from Penguicon have taken up residence in my sock drawer. It's been sorta difficult to get dressed in the mornings but it beats having to crawl under the bed at 3AM when the kitten gets back around to "eating his prey".

*Toys being defined as anything the kitten can get in his mouth and drag off.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja


We're using fortnight at work for release schedules. A new product we just released is getting fortnightly updates through the summer. :)