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anonymous kph

V is for Virgins From Hell

Virgins From Hell was the movie that you chose, and so Virgins From Hell was the movie that I watched. An Indonesian action movie.

A gang of bandits (lead by Mister Tiger) decide they want a keen hideout, so they offer to buy it from the family that lives there. The family turns them down, so the bandits kill them and take it anyway. But there were two daughters that survived the attack. One infiltrates the bandit gang, and the other builds a gang of her own. An all-girl gang. The titular Virgins From Hell.

They harry the bandit gang pretty effectively ... until they're captured. Tortured. They escape, and are re-captured. And all without a speck of nudity.

Mister Tiger retains his position as the suave, debonair head of the bandit gang -- until government soldiers attack, freeing our captives, and allowing them to finally kill Mister Tiger as their ancestral home is blown up around them.

It was a film of minor characters, minor overkill, major ambition, and minor execution. A more accurate title would have been Daughters of Heck or even Spice Island Showdown.