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anonymous kph

X is for The X From Outer Space

The X From Outer Space is the first (and nearly only) appearance of the Kaiju known as Guilala.

The Japanese of science-fiction films have incredible perseverance. Even after the first two Japan-to-Mars missions are lost with all hands on board, they send a third - the AAB Gamma. I assume the first two were AAB Alpha and AAB Beta (which is a real mouthful).

The AAB Gamma nears Mars, and encounters a mysterious object, which coats the ship with spores. The ship nearly veers off course into deep space, but manages to recover just enough power to limp home. They also take one of the spores with them to Earth.

Guilala is hit with solar radiation (try not to think about that too hard), hatches from the spore, grows to giant size, rampages across Japan (fighting planes, tanks, missiles, and the like), and absorbs nuclear energy.

Eventually scientists develop a new material to stop Guilala from absorbing energy. They bomb Guilala from jet planes, coating it with this Guilalalium (not kidding), which causes it to shrink back to its original spore-like size.

Afraid of accidentally wiping some of the Guilalalium off in an attempt to destroy Guilala, Japan shoots the Guilala spore back into outer space, where it will orbit around the sun forever (or until the sequel, I assume).

No mention is ever made again of the mysterious near-Mars object which coated AAB Gamma (and presumably AAB Alpha and AAB Beta) with the spores in the first place. It simply goes without saying.