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anonymous kph

Y is for Yo Yo Girl Cop

Do not confuse this with the smutty comedic Yo Yo Sexy Girl Cop. No no, this is the serious action-packed adaptation of the Sukeban Deka (Delinquent Girl Detective) manga: Yo Yo Girl Cop.

For certain atypical values of "action" and "packed." You see, there have been several suicides at a local high school. And there's a website called "Enola Gay" which has ominous bomb-like graphics and a spooooky countdown. Only teenagers can solve teenage crimes, so this Special Agency which deals explicitly with underage government agents needs to recruit a delinquent schoolgirl in order to go undercover at this high school, figure out whatever is going on, and stop it.

The authorities capture our heroine after a vicious fight, and throw her in prison. The head of the Special Agency offers her a chance at redemption. She turns him down. A chance at redemption, and they will keep her mother from going to prison in the USA for a very long time. She turns him down again. Chance at redemption, keep mom out of prison, and a nifty secret weapon yo-yo which serves as badge of office and high-tech gadget thingy all at the same time. She accepts.

Sadly, this turns out to be far less interesting than one would expect (there's about an hour of "blah blah blah and the chess team blows themselves up blah blah blah now it's the drama club"). It's not until the 80-minute mark (!) that we get Hot Yo-on-Yo Action! And then five minutes later, the movie is over.

A more accurate title for this movie would have been High School Suicide Drama: Secret Master Romeo. Which sounds a bit like Shakespeare by way of After-School Special -- which isn't too far off the mark.