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anonymous kph

Z is for Zombiez

Don't you hate it when you make a smart-aleck crack, and it turns out to be (a) unexpectedly true, and (b) sadly prescient? Before watching this movie, I made a joke about Zombiez being a zombie film from the makerz of Vampiyaz ... and so it turned out to be!

Don't you love movies where they take an unusual zombification premise and follow through the ramifications in an intelligent and unexpected fashion? Me too! This isn't one of those.

How about movies where things happen pretty much randomly? And a crime boss tortures a dude in a chicken suit? And a random woman fights to survive in a world where people become zombiez which then try to kill her?

This is one of those movies. One of those "here is our heroine, now zombiez are chasing her -- run, girl, run! Run home! See your stupid boyfriend open the door when you tell him not to. Nom, zombiez, nom! Run, girl, run! See you stumble across a naked woman in the process of being tortured. Can't stop now! Run, girl, run! See zombiez stalk people in the woodz! Sorry, survivalistz. Sorry, woodz. Run, girl, run! See the movie end! Holy crap, that was pointlezz! Sorry, movie audience. Thank$ for the money." movies.